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#1 12 years ago

Not sure how to categorize this post. It’s kind of a rant, fix and question, all rolled into one. Ok, so… While browsing for OFP add-ons, I came across one called CBT_BRAD_V1.41 on a website somewhere. Basically it’s a Bradley add-on by the COMBAT guys, and it looked quite good. Lots of various layouts using highly detailed models. Here’s a brief run down of CBT_Brad_V1.4's features: - Authentic weapon load outs; - About 21 variants of 4 basis versions of the apc; - 3 different paint schemes, suiting normal and desert islands; - New, authentic sounds; - New sight for gunner; - Random vehicle numbers and division markings, predefinable; - Randomized chevrons on desert variants, predefinable; - APC burning script with random secondary explosions; - Weapon exhaust gases; - Realistic simulation of soldier cargo transport; - Realistic simulation of a APC's suspension and recoil Well after downloading it, I found that it did everything it claimed except for one minor detail. The realistic simulation of a suspension system was none existent. Not that big a deal right? Well yes and no. The suspension claims were one of the defining reasons I even download this file. OFP vehicles lack good physics as anyone who’s played the game can attest too, so it was a real catchy feature to see. A lot of other addons correctly do this, and I thought for sure this would be no exception… but alas… No deal… In game this Bradley addon failed to live up to it’s claim of a suspension in every way. From full speed to a complete stop the vehicle didn’t dip or tilt once! It violated all laws of physics, and was not in concordance with the very concept of suspension systems. In fact the vehicle reacted almost identically to a block of ice, on another block of ice, remaining level through out acceleration and deceleration. After searching fruitlessly for another apc addon that did fulfill the claim of a realistic suspension system. I’ve decided to implement it myself, but since I’m not a modeler, or even a good modder, I used this Bradley Pack as a base to start off. I succeeded with my attempt mostly because everything required to make it work was included with the addon, it was only incorrectly utilized and ineffectively added. With the assistance of DKM's suspension guides, and some online research I corrected the errors in both the CBT Bradley and CBT M113 addon packs. Here’s a pic of a stock CBT_Brad_V1.4 vehicle decelerating from a full bore run. Take note on how it’s completely level, despite a full braking from top speed.

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Now here’s a shot of the same vehicle and scenario, but with some config and script editing on my part.

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Here’s another but this time the vehicle is accelerating.

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Here’s another CBT addon that claimed suspension effects but didn’t deliver them, so I corrected them as well. M113 Deceleration

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Are they a little more realistic with the dipping and tilting with full brake or accel? I think so. The question now, is can one go about posting modified addons like this, when they are not the original author? I mean I’d like to share some of these “corrections” I’ve done, and I’ve done this to many unofficial addons. From HMWWVs too scud’s too five ton trucks. Yet all the addons I’ve done this too are not originally mine? Do ya Email and ask the original authors? Post it online with no prior consent but include comments to the originals and the changes I’ve made? How do you go about sharing this kind of stuff with out causing a mess? I’m sure some would say just do it, and sort it out after the fact, but I would rather do it correctly from the get go. I’ve been contemplating an addon of my own, of nothing but scripts, that you can use to attach suspension scripts to vehicles with “init’s” in the mission editor but so far that’s proven very unreliable and to really get the proper effect I need access to the vehicle itself. Feedback? (p.s. I know suspension systems are nothing new, and I haven’t pioneered anything new with my work here. The mods/models themselves are the work of others, and the suspensions scripts are DKM's, I just combined the two in a beatiful way. In all the years I’ve been playing this game, I’ve yet to find an APC addon with true, or proper suspension systems. So I did it myself.)

(Edit: Admin could you please change the title of this thread too: "Suspensions; moding mods", ty)


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#2 12 years ago

You need to get in touch with COMBAT! if you want to release these personal modifications to their addons. If they give you permission then you can release them and if not you can keep them as your own personal stuff. Check the readme of their addons for contact details. By the way, Nice Work.