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#1 14 years ago

hello everyone.. i got the original flashpoint, and i want to upgrade it,but i don't know where to start..can someone tell me what i must to download, what official patch, what fans creations etc.. thanks

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#2 14 years ago

If you have the GOTY version, the only official patch you should need is this one.

As for modifications, there are thousands upon thousands of good ones depending on your tastes.

I use hundreds that might only add one or two new things, but for total conversions, I use some of the following:

FFUR Vietnam: The Experience WWII Collection Pack BAS: Complete Set

The list could go on and on for the large mods alone. If you have any specific interests I could narrow down on some of the more popular addons.


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11th June 2003

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#3 14 years ago

If you just picked up the original OFP:cold war crisis ............... i would reccomend picking up the Resistance expansion pack and patching it with the 1.96 patch and then downloading the FFUR 2.5 total overhaul mod.

The FFUR mod really improves the visual quality and sounds in the game immensly.

I just recently re-installed the game (in anticipation of the new release coming soon) and am loving what the FFUR mod has done with the improvements and have been looking for other players to connect with for some coop action. All the thousands of other addons get real confusing and causes alot of problems with online compatability so i dont bother with them.

If anyone wants to hook up for some coop with the FFUR mod ........ shoot me an email. The multiplayer browser in the game has alot to be desired and its very tough to find a server im compatible with. I sure hope they revamp the new ArmA browsers with better filters!! And i also hope the file structure for addons is improved as well ..... lol.

I also hope the editor is easier too .... lol ........ I have had this game for years and just now started fooling around with making missions to play with. Its fun but definately a high learning curve ..... lol.

By the way ......... there is 2 versions of the 1.96 patch (GOTY version & regular version) so be sure to use the right one.

If you need help finding any files shoot me an email and i'll send you some links.