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21st March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

yo guys, I'm clan leader of the RSF clan in jedi academy. We're looking for mappers, modellers, skinners =) modders too. =) And EXTREMELY good players. We are looking for people who play siege and duel games. I read the binds thread and I want to know how to bind to crouch? is it "bind l attack; +movedown; +forward; +crouch;" ???????? look for me on the duel servers [color=red]RS[/color][color=red]F_[/color][color=lime]JediGM[/color][color=red]:JadenKorr[/color] RSF_[color=lime]intraining[/color][color=red]:Dummy[/color] RSF_[color=lime]trainer[/color][color=red]:Dummy[/color]