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17th September 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Im thinking about buying Jedi Academy, but I want to know if you can use a controller to play t, and if you can what controller is everyone using to play it ( whats the best controller for this game? Thank youto anyone that replies

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8th July 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Controllers + FPS games = s0x0r5. The mouse & keyboard will always rule supreme over controls. And in the future, do not post the same topic three times with only slight variations in the post/subject heading.


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24th April 2003

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#3 15 years ago

How do you think about buying acadamy? When i found out about JA, i knew i was gonna buy it, even before i heard details.


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15th September 2003

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#4 15 years ago

no controller, just mouse and keyboard.

but ill put my mouse on super-high sensitivity for ultra-uber turn around moves and spins, etc etc :D