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#1 10 years ago

Hello every one, i am daraofp!!!

I have been playing this game for a long time, and i think i will still play it for a long time...There are lots of good addons, from units, vehicles, weapons, and others but there is'nt enough good islands...the islands were offten made quick and with lack of good locations.

I wanted to start a campaign couple years ago but it is hard to make a campaign if you do not have a good locations, so i download the WRPtool and started learning how to use it...i learned quick enough, but the tuff part was how to place and combine objects...Lots of maps had randomly placed objects or they would make place to much object on a small area and the game would lagg. I have been working on this map more than a year like crazy... Every area i make i test it and make sure it looks good and runs good(I would make a mission with lots of soldiers and wehicles and see if it impacts the FPS)

My computer conf is Intel Core 2quad 2.4 gh, geforce 9600gt 1gb video memory and 2gb RAM and the map runs great... Read THIS- if you have a good video card go to the control panel and move the slider in the options to QUALITY (you can chuse "preformance","balance" and"quality"-select quality) Game looks amazing, the groung texture looks detaild, the sharp edges on the objects and hills are smother. It's a difrent game expirience.

Most of the map objects are original objects from OFP and i use BAS Objects for the desert and all roads on the map are BAS roads. Map has green vegetation and desert, green part of the map is litle bigger(it is located to the north) and the desert part(located to the south) They are separated with a bigg mountain. Every location is carefully created(it isnt yust copy paste), there are big towns and small towns, villages, farms, burnd villages, hills, mountains, oasis ect...I think i could finish it in 1 or maby 2 monts max!!! I had a car accident 9 monts ago, i had a leg operation, now i have a metal plate in my leg, so i spend most of my time at home. but good thing about this is i had lots of free time to work on my map, who knows if i would fhinish it if this didnt hapend... If you have any questions ask!!! sorry for my english if ther is any gramatik mistake.