How the hell do you kill a rancor?! -1 reply

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#121 16 years ago

feed the rancor a poisoned wookie. that should do it.

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16th October 2006

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#122 16 years ago

Sorry about the PDF, and Azh, 1: Rancors find wookies too sour for them, 2: You just try to get a wooking to poison himself! Ooh, I know: Put Doc ock in the rancors toilet! :inthetoilet:


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#123 16 years ago

Ok how to kill a rancor, for ultiamte rancor kiling fun you must have the perfect map. Such as if I make a small map that the rancor can fall off off all sides into a buncha spikes. Then make a wookie or jawa or someting and put him on a platform just outa reach of the rancor. Now make a button and some targets and a switch so you can press a button and boom a rancor. Ok ow you go play the map. Press the button and make a rancor, the rancor go's for the jawa or wokie and falls off the cliff into the rocks. Now the best part! Set your body disiperaring rate to -1 and keep making rancor fall off the cliff until you have a huge pile of dead rancor at the bottum!