How to get to the top of the Windmill in Country Academy Map!!!! -1 reply

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#1 14 years ago

Go the barn with the carnival behind you and go to your left and jump up on the roof part with the pig on it. Then you go behind the pig and face the tall circular building(Forgot the name of it). Run at the pig and you will be pushed up into the air and toggle you way to the top of the circular building.

Then once on the top of the circular building, face the river which is to the right of the windmill. Turn on Force Speed and run down the side of the circular building(Force speed helps but is not neccissary). Right before you get off hit the jump button and hold it. Keep the Jump button held even when you fall into the river/stream then go up and out of the water with the jump button still held. You will be able to swim/jump in the air and get to the highest horizontel beam on the windmill tower but you must hold the jump button the entire way until you position your self to land on the highest beam!

When you are up there on the highest beam then hop to the beam either to the right or left of the one you are on. Then jump up on top of the Windmill. Then you are there.

Note/Questions: What causes this. In midair it looks like your swimming so it must be a swimming glitch.

- It works so that you can repeatly do it as long as you hold hte spacebar. You can hop around the map as long as you stay in water and hold the jump button!

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