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16th July 2004

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#41 14 years ago

Overall much better in features-vehicles-sabers. But the AI seems weak...just me? Or was the SP sooooooooo easy. I mean you get to the tenth mission and you've had what....3 or 4 saber fights? Oh here's a room with 3 troopers, ok the next 4, then 3 then 4 blahboring. And the voice acting sucked bigtime, everybody's a whiner and somebody please kill that Rosh guy. Story sucked....period. Luke is on some New Age Jedi aura trip...please.:rolleyes: OK enough ranting everything else was better than JO. The look and the features. MP siege, but what happened to jedimaster? I liked that...oh well not everyone did. So overall it had makings of a great game with great features only to be drug down by a lack of substance.



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4th October 2004

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#42 14 years ago

Academy is waaay better than Outcast with moves like knocking people down and just the extent of acrobatics, buit Outcast was better with saber combat (and don't kid yourself, that is the main reason most of us play Star Wars games) and locking. I have not once gotten in a saber lock on multiplayer, and not in a challenging one in SP. FOr academy to be great they need to revamp the saber combat, come up with a slightly better story line, but keep the graphics and the awesome missions.


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2nd August 2004

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#43 14 years ago

JA = Better MP and sabers. JO = Better SP and cooler maps for MP, with buttons you know.

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17th June 2002

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#44 14 years ago

Old topic, huh? They seem to live longer on these gaming forums than the general forums for some reason.

I'm a SP person primarily, I consider multiplayer to be little more than a useful bonus. Which is demonstrated clearly as my favourite game of all time doesn't even have multiplayer. So Jedi Outcast is the undisputed superior of Jedi Academy so far as I'm concerned. I don't care so much about the slightly different saber combat or the graphics, I care that the characters in Jedi Outcast are more believable than Jedi Academy. In Jedi Outcast, there was an atmosphere; it felt a little like the Star Wars universe. In Jedi Academy, there was little to no atmosphere. The story was... well, Jedi Outcast actually had a story. The story in JA seemed like it was added in as an afterthought, and it was a really bad afterthought. I almost laughed, in fact, when it was over. JA seems to prefer gimmicks over substance, I think.

So far as saber combat goes, I find Jedi Academy much easier than Jedi Outcast, especially in SP. I always hang around the same server, I only have two in my favourites list. I hang around with the same clan as I did in JO (though I'm no longer in a clan -- I hate the things). Primarily I like to fight against people still hung up on JO when they come into the server; they are still strong lovers. They seem to enjoy those phenomenally boring 'swing, back away, swing, back away' fights; boring to play, boring to watch, just boring. Whereas I prefer to use the quicker styles. They're fairly easy to defeat, I tend to find -- they simply refuse to change their strong-style tactics. At least, compared to the same tactic in JO it's easy. I also like to fight people who use two sabers and staff sabers, they're always fun, though some of them are good. What the technical reason for that is I don't know, I just know it's easier. And please don't tell me to find 'skilled' players, as they are a fairly high-ranking clan and very skilled.

If I want a challenge, I still boot up JO and load the first 'Ladder' map, or load a mutiplayer map in SP and fight four or five Shadowtroopers. So far as combat goes, it's still far more entertaining for me. That and they don't shout immature insults and speak in numerical code if you beat them. One of the reasons I hate multiplayer is the sort of people you commonly find yourself pitted against, though that's a topic for another conversation. And Shadowtroopers are much more entertaining duellists in my experience, than most people online.