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14th May 2004

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#21 16 years ago

Sounds cool, please mail me info at [email]theblackviper191@hotmail.com[/email] mesa interested


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23rd January 2004

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#22 16 years ago

i love role playing. e-mail me at [email]steven.hutchings@tiscali.co.uk[/email]


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#23 16 years ago

Since our national Dallas helped me to get more roleplayers, I am gonna enlighten you all by posting here.

I am P90/Gparent, and I am, along with dallas, one of the RPers that try to make JKA RP reborn.

Me and CyrusIV (The dedicaced server host - He rocks), are now testing several RP maps, and have found a mod to RP on (Force Mod III not-so-exclusive beta). We are running with cheats on, but we are expecting users to be cool about that.

Now then, for example, if you want to become a jedi, you can choose to be a jedi with medium skills, yet no learning, or to be a jedi with almost no powers, that will go throught some classes to gain new force powers, and generally end better than a 'medium' jedi.

To add to the 'roleplay' feel, users will start with a specific saber/color (Which would be Katarn Single Blue Saber), and later make a choice about how they want to progress :

-Mostly on saber combat -Mostly on force -A middle between the two.

Students will learn in the real jedi academy, live, with real objects to force push, force pull on, NPCs for duels (with a variety of flavours, from dual bladed to single bladed passing by force master or throwing-saber-whore), and boring theorical classes (But they really make you learn, though, which is fun.)

As Kyle Katarn said, (He would be classified as a force/saber guy), it doesn't matter wether you use Dark powers or Light powers. It's just the way you use them - That is also how I will teach my student.

Also, don't expect to start with a saber staff, two sabers.

That is the end of the 'Jedi learning' part.


Droids :

From the federation combat droid to gonker, there is a slight difference. ForceMod III includes the lastest class-choosing technology, and will allow us to roleplay Droids, Super droids, droidekas (The rolling ball thingy), assassin droids, ETC.

A basic interface is being written, so that you can answer to written commands too :P

You can be owned by someone, be a lost droid, or be at a store waiting to get bought


Species :

Some species are available to use as a class, like wookies. You can RP those.


That's pretty much all I can think of. My AIM is TheP90Killer if you wanna contact me.



I didn't make it!

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#24 16 years ago


Adre : j k a rp [point] i p b fre e [doetagain] c 0 m (Without the space, and you need to add htp in the front if it desnt work and 0 = letter o) (It doesnt lag)

come! we need members! post here!