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10th August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

These people do not leave any contact info, how do you expect other developers to get in contact with you without that info???

Kevin Coyle I spoke with Kevin quite some time ago about his old ben model (forgot how tho) & now he has a new one out that I want to add to CM as well (Ani) but I want to do some other modifications & this is not something I want to talk about publically.

I'm pretty sure Kevin will be willing to give me permission on this one, that's not what this is about. Again, I don't want to discuss this publically. Please contact me KC.

Melee Mod Crew I like some of the models, I'll need to do textures & make some changes to the .sab configs in order for me to add them but I want to get in contact with these guys mainly for permission purposes.


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