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#1 15 years ago

One of the Se7en clannies asked me to put this together so I did. This is a script that changes your hilt (changing between single, dual, & staff) for you via 1 button. I already tested this so it should work fine.

Dealing with the Autoexec.cfg (If You Already Have One)... For those of you who do not know, you can name a script "autoexec.cfg" & place this in your "base" folder & JK (as well as any Quake based game) will automatically launch that file everytime the game is started. Now if you already have an autoexec.cfg file then rename this file to somethine else like "hilt_cycle.cfg" & add "exec hilt_cycle.cfg" to your existing autoexec.cfg file but MAKE SURE the very last line in the autoexec.cfg is blank. The very last line does not get used by the game.

After Dealing with the Autoexec.cfg... All you have to do is extract this file to your "base" folder & bind a key to "vstr hilt_cycle" & that's it. Whatever key you bind "vstr hilt_cycle" to will be your weapon cycle button.

Setting Which Hilt and/or Color You Want to Use... When you open this .cfg file you will see a section that says...

set hilt_cycle-single "set hilt_cycle vstr hilt_cycle-dual; saber1 single_9; saber2 none; echo ^2Hilt ^2Cycle: ^7Single ^7Saber"

Just add whatever commands you want in here. For example, lets say you wanted to change the color of the saber to blue. You would change this line to...

set hilt_cycle-single "set hilt_cycle vstr hilt_cycle-dual; saber1 single_9; color1 4; saber2 none; color2 4; echo ^2Hilt ^2Cycle: ^7Single ^7Saber"

etc; etc. Color1 sets the color for the first hilt, color2 is for the second. The order in which you add the commands does not matter & of course, the same concept applies to the "hilt_cycle-dual" & the "hilt_cycle-staff" aliases.

Side Note on my Scripts These are not my personal scripts, mine are more complicated. I have an actual menuing system where I can choose between my favorite hilts & each hilt has it's own color, etc; etc. The menuing system is also for various name changes & phrazes I say often. I will be including my personal scripts as an option in the CM clients pack installer, for those of you who are interested in tweaking out your controls more, just contact me via IM (contact info is in my sig).

Hope this helps folks. Enjoy.

Download Lightsaber Weapons Cycle script here.