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8th September 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hello I am {SITH}Darth Tyranus[SL] founder of the JK2 clan {SITH}. We are one of the oldest jk2 clans and now we plan to make a JKA branch of the clan. However, we are in need. We were not known very well in jk2 because we usually kept to ourselves at our server. We need someone to make a JKA dedicated server for us and keep it up most of the time. That person will be given a high rank in the clan (we have over 20 members). We also need a dedicated mapper and maybe even a skinner who will get the job done. All of our previous projects were never finished :mad: . Please respond as soon as possible if you are interesting in doing any of the three. You can email me at [email]DarthTyranus1@aol.com[/email]. It will be very appreciated...the clan is on the brink of destruction.


{SITH}Darth Tyranus[SL]