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20th June 2003

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And seriously, as they feel the anger growing in my sith characters, why the hell would I continue to help them fight the Sith, wouldn't instead, I switch over, and have Rosh remain the jedi. Then a new set of missions would be implace for the sith character who has been expelled for his darkside tendencies from the Academy.

They TOUCH upon this mind you with the split in paths, but they did it TOO LATE in the game. if they would have done what you suggested, the darkside ending would have made more sense. Instead, it looked to me that my character just hijacked a Star Destroyer and everyone just said "Ok, here ya go."

If they would have made a point in the game, say after the second tier level, where you can join Tavion and leave the JA and turn to the Dark Side, it would have been better. Then, in the ending, the Star Destroyer would make sense.

What would have been EVEN COOLER is if once you turned to the Darkside, that you could turn back to the light in the end.


If you chose the lightside the first time around, you inevitably gained Kyle and Luke's trust. There would then be a SECOND time around (it would be at the point where you can choose to return to the lightside if you are already dark) where you can go dark AGAIN, and if you take it, YOU resurrect Ragnos and it's up to the combined pwrs of the Jedi left at the Tomb to stop him while you make your escape to the familiar and now abandoned Star Destroyer to live to fight another day. That would have been COOLER.

But alas, what can you do? This is what we were given to use. Maybe a mod can do some of the things I said.

Overall, I hope what I said made sense. :)