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20th September 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hi, does anyone have a clue whatthe weapon disable binary values are for JKA?

In JK2 they were as follows:

0=All Weapons Enabled 1=??? 2=??? 4=??? LightSaber (or Stun Baton) 8=Bryar Pistol 16=Stormtrooper Rifle 32=Disruptor 64=Bowcaster 128=Repeater 256=EMP Gun 512=Flechette 1024=Missile 2048=Thermal 4096=Trip Mines 8192=Detpack 65531=Saber Only

But with the addition of the concussion rifle, it kind of throws things out of whack.

And more interesting, does anyone know how to disable double or dual sabers within the server?