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11th October 2002

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#1 17 years ago

2.5.0 ======= - Subadmin rcon passthrough command available to admins - Fixed a crash bug related to an honor code check - Added a new admin.lst file where you can assign specific admins specific commands - New x_say command to speak without the server tag in front of your name to a specific team or all players - Added subadmin logging features - Added rcon logging on dedicated servers - Flipped x_weapontoggle so it displays the correct toggle state - Admins now get a list of available commands when they auth or type an invalid command - Fixed level fix commands so they actually save correctly - Private tells don't take up all of your chat line any longer - You may now log out of subadmin/authadmin - Removeloc can now delete specific location marker slots - flipkick mode 2 will allow you to front wall walk without timing your jump - Subadmins may now look up a player's IP address - Fixed a baseJA 'Saber has no owner' crash bug

For a full list of commands, cvars, and help visit our webpage or type /help on any 2.2+ xmod server!


I also created a quick server config maker on the website for you lazy admins (me) :clap:

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17th April 2003

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#2 17 years ago

woot, awsome man

great job with your mod! :)