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#1 14 years ago

I've been curious as to whether there are alternate outcomes in the game that changes the dialogue that Tommy or another character says. For example, I know that if you let the Jap plane go after Frank and Mikey, the dialogue at the beginning of the Tarawa level is definitely different. I've heard it once only, and that was when I got fed up with the Flyboys level, and decided to briefly check out that map. Then I let the plane go to see what dialogue comes out ("Frank, nooo!" and "Nooo!"), but afterwards I felt so guilty I plunged the plane into the ocean, so that next time I could save Frank. Can either Jimmy or Willy die in anyway at all? Not that I want to see either of them dead. Can the characters' interactions with Tommy change at all? Like for example if during the battle scenes, the player just makes him sit on his haunches all the time, and let the others do the killing, does it affect anything? What about if the player just leaves the wounded alone out in the middle of the field? Anything change in interaction/dialogue? Also, can physical scars be worse, or is it the only skin for the characters Guadacanal onwards? (e.g. the cut across Tommy's lips; the cut just beside Frank's mouth; the slash above Jimmy's eye...).


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