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15th January 2005

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#51 16 years ago

He was forced into an AA unit, he didnt skip down the road to go sign up. He isnt a nazi and never was.


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25th April 2004

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#52 16 years ago
9thDogbertHe isnt a nazi and never was.

:gpost: :agreed


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28th September 2003

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#53 16 years ago


I'm pretty sure that settles my opinion.I'm positive at any moment he'll blast out lightning from his hands.

Oh I also heard the popes been tipped to play a role in Episode3! :)


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19th February 2004

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#54 16 years ago

Darn, I don't visit the off topic forum here much, but I had made these for another forum, mere minutes after the announcement on the news. Palpatine was the obvious choice for a photomanipulation, but after I did the Saruman one, I did a double take at how you can almost not tell that that isn't Christopher Lee under there. And then I also did a more topical piece. Emperor%20Ratzinger.jpg ratz%20saruman%2001.jpg ratz%20inquisition%2001.jpg Hopefully nobody's offended. :)