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#1 14 years ago

OGL MOH:Pacific Assault Ladders are Accepting Teams!

The OGL is proud to annouce the start of the Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Ladders.

We have structured the ladders into two styles of play for both TDM and Invader ladders.

Allied Assault Style: Which is loosely based upon the MOH:AA style of play.

MOHPA_Allied_Assault_Invader_Ladder MOHPA_Allied_Assault_TDM_Ladder

  1. Leaning will be enabled while walking
  2. Player Classes will not be utilized
  3. Standard Weapons load out simular to MOHAA
  4. Health packs will be dropped at time of kill
  5. Stationary MG's with no reloads
  6. No land mines or satchel charges
  7. Map ambiance turned off
  8. Respawning limits for Invader only

Pacific Assault Style: which would be considered an elite style of play where team work is key!

MOHPA_PA_Invader_Ladder MOHPA_PA_TDM_Ladder

  1. Classes are enabled
  2. Leaning while moving disabled or enabled to be determined
  3. No health packs dropped
  4. Ammo limits
  5. Class percentage limitations
  6. Land mines and satchel charges allowed
  7. Map ambiance is turned off
  8. Respawning limits for Invader only

Those are just some of the style differences between AA & PA Style.

A second patch is in the works which will add a 9th map for play and also fine tune remaing issues. We would like to invite all clans to join the ladder.

We would also like to extend an invitation to test out the up and coming configs with feed back on what the community would like to see in Match Play.

The current rules are in the process of being worked on and updated. Below are links to what is available at this time.

General_Rules Allied_Assault_Rules Pacific_Assault_Rules

PunkBuster will be the anti-cheat for MOH:PA. We are in the process of updating the website to accept MOHPA GUIDS.

As always should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please direct them to the Forums

Thank you,