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5th December 2003

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#41 17 years ago
Uncle_Sam Blablabla Thank you...:lol:

But you just proved my freeking point! :) (PS I used exactly the same figures as you!) You said: 'Look at the casualties of ALMOST ANY NATION...' But the statistics prove that MOST COUNTRIES HAD LESS CIVILIAN VICTIMS. Yes, the TOTAL number of civilian victims is higher, but you didn't say that in you first post. I never argued with the fact that there were a lot of civilian casualties. In a democracy, yes, you could say that the people are guilty. But the Japs were ruled by an emperor. Do they have to pay for every mistake there government makes? However, this is a philosofical debat.


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23rd December 2003

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#42 17 years ago

Guilty by association my friend, sad but true. As for a debate, I don't want to get in one. Reason: no 2 people ever see eye to eye and then other people throw in their 2 cents where no one asked for change. And me and you don't need that, or at least I don't because a debate got me banned from another forum (I didn't say anything wrong, I was just causing too much "controversy":lol: