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9th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hi! my CD got really scratched and there are some files which are not runnning!:( they are onçy a few, though. could someone please send them to me, please, im gonna make a new CD... thx: They add up to 3 or 4Mb. the MP3's yd_ph3.mp3 yd_ph4.mp3 The .WAV's YD2_A.wav YD2_ass.wav YD2_b.wav YD2_c YD2_c1 YD2_d YD2_e YD2_f YD2_g YD2_h YD2_ok door_5 door_6 send an email to [email=""][/email] (email limit=3Mb total) divide the files in 2 email in case it add ups more than 3Mb. thank you sooo much!!:) remeber, im talking about GTA3 and not GTA vice city!