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2nd June 2004

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#1 15 years ago

First, let me state my system specs to alleviate any doubts about my hardware. P4 3.4 Prescott 1MB L2 Gigabyte 8KNXP(all lastest MB support drivers) 2.0GB PC3200 DDR Kingston RAM Maxtor 250GB ATA133 HDD w/8MB cache(25%full, 75% free, defragged) ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB (ANY drivers) Soundblaster Audigy Platinum(latest drivers from Creative) Windows XP Professional (ANY Service Pack) Windows 2000 Professional (ANY Service Pack) Firstly, I sure you are going to ask, Am I running a dual boot? Yes and No. I have tested this in a dual boot environment and a single boot environment. The boot environment is not the issue either. Now on to my problem. Under Windows XP(as stated above) if I turn off the frame limiter and turn the draw distance up to maximum, I get a really clear picture and high FPS, until I start driving around especially at high speeds. At high speeds, the scenery blurrs and doesn't come back unless I stop for a minute and wait(unacceptable especially when being chased by the entire police force) or if I press ESC and then resume game(totally f***en lame). I do not want to turn the frame limiter on(nor do I welcome any such suggestions). There is a solution to this, it's just that no one I have come across has been able to help. Next, let me give you the rest of the scenerio, so you can understand my attitude a little better. Under Windows 2000 Professional, I have NO SUCH PROBLEMS. At all. I have taken and modded the PCJ to have a top speed of 450MPH and had no graphics drawing problems WHATSOEVER. I am basiaclly at the end of my rope on this one. My solution(for now) has been to use a dual boot with Win2000/XP so that whenever I want to play GTA, I don't have to use a different computer. But it's pretty lame having to reboot everytime I want to do that. There has to be a more reasonable solution. I have tried this with both versions of both games(ie 1.0 and 1.1), no dice. If someone knows and understands what would cause a problem like this in XP but not 2000, please give me some ideas about how to make XP work this game the way 2000 does. Thanks.