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Uriel Zarium


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18th February 2005

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#1 16 years ago

Hi, recently installed GTA VC for pc. I have : 512ddr333 twinmos, atlantis 9800pro and 2600+ athlon CPU. I found that at first the graphics problem of stuff not rendering a real pain when driving fast - road just appeared from no where. Anyhow,i applied the patch. This didnt seem to work that well/not at all at first but then i put frame limiter on which i was advised to fofrom another forum. The problem still persists in some building although the roads etc seem to render fine and i can drive striahg, just quite a lot of the biulding appear blocky and look crap or they dont render at all and jsut have the basic shape. Any ideas im gutted cant play it properly!


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4th March 2005

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#2 16 years ago

I used to play this with a geforce3, and just re-installed now that I have a radeon9800 pro. I'm having the same troubles - texture detail doesnt "enhance" as I get closer to them, and sometimes the buildings/walls don't appear at all. The patch didnt seem to help any. Can't give any advice to help, just thought it odd someone else was having the same problems.