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#11 11 years ago

FoolBird66;3995464"I'm not even angry, I'm being so sincere right now..."

GLaDoS is the best game character ever.

Hear, hear! I hope she survived and finds her way into future games...


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14th September 2006

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#12 11 years ago

She does survive...she sings the song. The character that you play as is the one that dies in the end. (At least, that's what I got from the ending of us motionless outside the Aperture Science compound.)

Spoiler: Show
I think Gman is working for Aperture Science

Anyways, yes great game and I have the song MP3 on my iPod. Too bad I can't upload it here. :(

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#13 11 years ago

You're not the first person to thinks so. But I think he is much more higher, in a larger scheme of things.

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