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#1 13 years ago

GTR needs your help. Game Type Revolution is a fun Quake 4 mod

This quotation is from esreality's forum posted by TTK-Bandit:

"atm, my team consists of myself, drach as graphics/map artist, a handfull of betatesters, and one trial, morbyte as gui coder.

I could need a little help here, seriously. What GTR needs most is publicity, so I need: - a P.R. Manager (or whatever its called). - some graphic artists, to create graphics for the menus - Sound artists for new sounds (modelspecific footsteps, menusounds, ..) - Modeler/Animators/Skinners for new charactermodels. - Mappers for some gametype specific maps (midair, instagib, promode, bla), - gui/hud scripter to make GTR look better - 1-2 programmers could help me a lot here, as its a whole bunchload of code to do.

and last but not least, I still need a few (~10) more betatesters, clans prefered, but single testers too)

please don't assume we already got someone. You know, it's so hard to find good honest legal help these days ;-)"

official irc channel is #GT-Revolution on quakenet

email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]