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#1 13 years ago

Hello all, Well I recently finished version 3 of Q4WRM and now I can use it for one of its original purpose, the first being to make Q4 more realistic, the second is to help make this Mission-Pack the way I want:D Anyhow enough gab, I'm sure most have you have beat Q4 at least once so you should know what I mean when I say more levels would be great. Sure there are a few levels lying around and while they are great, they either have their own story or are really small. Well now I'm attempting to make an unofficial Mission-Pack with around 20-25 levels. Originally I intended to make this myself but now I know how unrealistic that is unless I make the levels a lot worse quality than the Q4 levels or work on it for a year or two. So although I doubt anyone will come forward with my newness, but I hope my mod will help people take me more seriously on this. Basically there are three types of jobs that are probably going to be critical to this Mission-Pack.

Level Designing: I can't make enough levels myself so anyone willing to help out with even one level will be great. You will have to email me or one of the organizer's if you are interested though and I will tell you some loose requirements for the level(s) you can do.

Modeling: I can model, but my skills with texturing and animating are basically nil. I have 2 new characters I want in the Mission-Pack and 3 new weapons (such as to keep every-ones interest:)).

Texturing: We will need textures, bump-maps, specular-maps, etc. for all of our custom models to make sure they fit in nicely with the default media and are pleasing to the eyes as well.;)

Sounds: Where would Q4 be without its great sound effects and VO's? No-where probably. Sounds are almost as vital as the models and levels themselves:)

Scripting: I want a new vehicle (a Strogg transport probably) in the game and since there is already a model, some scripting might be able to get it to work, excuse my ignorance if I am incorrect. I also want a new type of marine, an ammo resupply man, garbed like the medic except with yellow parts instead of red. This also falls under texturing too but it will probably take a fair bit of scripting.

Cinematics and/or animating: Animations will be vital for custom weapons, characters and movies in this Mission-Pack so if you would like to help us out with this then we will gladly welcome you.

Organization: if you are like me and have limited scripting, texturing, modeling, etc. abilities but want to help out with getting this mod ship-shape and running then this may be the job for you.

If you are willing to put some serious effort into this Mission-Pack and want to help out then we will be glad to have you after you do some simple things. You will have to apply by emailing me at [EMAIL="EOTcrew@gmail.com"]EOTcrew@gmail.com[/EMAIL] and tell me your desired position for this project (you can request we make new positions if you want) a bit about yourself (even if it is just your forum nickname or something) and an example of your work (not exactly necessary but very welcome)! If you are mapping, you should have the latest Q4WRM but again its not necessary but it will help balance your maps to the standard for this Mission-Pack. This project will be free and released on Q4Files. If you have any suggestions for this project then please contact me about it. Please try and sign up before December 1, 2007 as that will most likely be the cut-off. Slayer_2 Picture of one of the possible weapons beside the machine-gun so you can see the scale. Its a chain-gun, with three barrels made out of Strogg metal, ultra light and really strong. chaingunyv7.th.png URL%5D


I didn't make it!

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#2 13 years ago

I can't find the edit button so I will just post that the napalm gun will have to be replaced by a the chain-gun because there is an 11 weapon type limit but a 16 ammo type limit, weird. Anyhow I will start work on the first five maps as soon as my new windows computer arrives: Crash Landing Red Stroyent Processing Power Station Highway Power Station Drakner Trench Well thats the ones I am going to work on.