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#1 13 years ago

first I'm a P4 2.4 Gigabyte intel 865PE 512 RAM onboard realtek AC'97 GeForce FX5200, The strange is I was playing Q4 perfectely for about a week till it started to crash from time to time, and by time these crashes becomes more and more, now I cannot keep the game running for more that 10 minutes without having it crashed....... wussup???? I've tried everything from installing openAL, reinstalling windows and reinstalling the game, tried all the availabe patches, I tried to delete my saves and even I tried to place my old creative 128 pci audio to test and still nigative.... also I tried to defrag and check the drive for errors, it helped smoothing the gameplay and gave me extra 3 minutes before it crashes!!!! note: everything else is perfect, and my hardware is brand new.... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


--------------------------- Here Here Here--------------------- I Finaly Discovered It.... To Everyone Who Have The Same Problem If You Have A Dual Channel Ram Enabled, Just Swith It Off Or Rconfigure Your Ram To Not Use The Dual Channel Settings... It Seems That The High Speed Ram Transfere Bus Is The Problem All Crashes Gone Away..... Lol Lol Lol Please Try And If True... Someone Tell Activision And Id To "wakeup"