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Before feature-rich and playable Capture The Flag mods with suitable maps and content begin to fully develop in two or more years for Quake4, how will you quench your lust for a great game of CTF in the meantime? If you're an avid gamer who recognizes the acronyms LMCTF, CCTF, ACTF, Q1CTF and /// by all means read on!

LRCTF 1.1 features 28 CTF maps (6 new for 1.1), newly-added loki-entity support for an additional seven Threewave CTF maps in addition to many bug fixes plus enhancement tweaks based on feedback from our previous 1.0 release. We've now included a custom autoexec.cfg as of 1.1 which will enable punkbuster from very first run plus tweak some basic settings to get you started. We've also included dedicated server configs for Instagib FFA matches using our custom pak of 8 DeathMatch and 3 Tourney classics.

Loki's Revenge was patterned as a tribute to the mod Quake II Loki's Minions CTF and modeled after its rock-solid gameplay, finally brought to the Quake III Arena engine via the Alliance CTF codebase. Our devteam crew is a core of die-hard CTF players sporting an array of pro talents working alongside game industry professionals. Loki's Revenge is an outpouring of love for the quake classic-style offhand grapple-based CTF teamplay employing runes and powerups, focusing on precise gameplay balance and strategic resource/map management. Our development cycle from inception to version 1.1 occurred during the last 2 years, beginning mid-2003 when Quake III was already four years old. Yes, we actually do have that kind of belief in this mod and its gameplay.

We proudly bring you THE definitive Quake III Capture The Flag modification: Loki's Revenge CTF 1.1


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loki made some half life 1 stuff didnt he?