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1st November 2005

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#21 14 years ago

Amazing,great fun.:)

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29th October 2005

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#22 14 years ago
CloudhunterI have found you can make monsters on same team as Marines, by simply appending "team Marine" (case doesn't matter), and give them leaders aswell (giving leaders doesn't work with some monsters) E.g. spawn monster_tactical team Marine leader player1 It doesn't just apply to tacticals either, any monsters can be put on the Marine team. Unfortuneatly with charactors, (e.g char_marine_medic) they seem locked to the Marine team so you can't make them on the same side as the Strogg. In addition, monster_bossbuddy has an interchangable head. It looks a bit strange however, as it seems the default head has extra neck pieces what aren't present in any other head. So you end up with the head floating in the center of a hole :lol: E.g. to spawn monster_bossbuddy with the head of Kane as a Strogg on the team Marine, you would type: spawn monster_bossbuddy def_head char_marinehead_kanestrg team Marine Im not quite sure whether char_marinehead_kanestrg is the right head, as I am doing this from memory while im at college:rolleyes: but im pretty sure it is. If someone could verify that id be very appreciative. As yet I haven't tested using the def_persona and lipsync commands on the Strogg (mainly because I didn't write down the commands on the forum, I just tried to remember them :rolleyes:). GOD, thanks for finding out such a great way to have fun :lol: I spent hours messing around with these comands :) Cheers, Cloudy

Hehe, sounds funny. Good job :)

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5th December 2005

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#23 14 years ago

There's also one cmd nobody tried, but it works... spawn monster_turret And btw, THANK YOU TK-1618 for telling us the cmd for vehicles.:bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows: :bows:


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#24 13 years ago

hey thx for the spawning tips but is there any to make them crouch down so when you spawn them they are crouched ? :confused: :confused: :confused: or someother things:confused: :confused: :confused:


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29th September 2006

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#25 13 years ago

Great !!!

TK-1618 you are the GOD of the BOTS !!!