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RtCW Modding, Mapping and Editing

Want more info about a Mod? Making a Mod? Looking for Modders, Mappers, Skinners, etc.? This is your Spot!

2 weeks ago

RtCW Clan Forum

Looking for a clanmatch? Looking for clan members? Wanna join a clan? This is the place to be!

2 weeks ago

RtCW Problems, Errors and Help

Return to Castle Wolfenstein not working? Need Help? Post all your problems here!

2 weeks ago aaron

Wolfy v0.2

This site has been created for the sole purpose of providing all of you a way of seeing what we do here... yes, that's right - we create maps. Custom maps for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

The WildWest

The WildWest is the first *full* mod released for RtCW. It's set in the late 1800s with all new classes and weapons to match. WildWest improves RtCW through more detailed and realistic gameplay. See

ET Expansion

Discuss here on the Free release ET expansion for RtCW.

2 weeks ago

Return to Castle Wolfenstein II General Discussion

Discuss anything related to Return to Castle Wolfenstein II here.

2 weeks ago