Any Skinners or Modellers Looking for Original Voices? -1 reply

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REverend Eddie

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17th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Are there any modellers or skinners looking to include an original voice with their packs? I realize with the new character setup ion UT2003 this is probably the best way to have my voice packs included on servers and such. Plus, it's just fun to collaborate.

I'm a big fan of UT and UT2003, but I was rather disappointed to see Epic kind of throw my kinds of modifications to the curb to sport a more "Quake III" kind of character setup. I did a bunch of original voice packs for UT, (Deadeye, Hell's Soldier, BSoD). Now that I find myself on the verge of a professional voice over career, I'd love to practice my skills more.

If you'd like a sample of my work, a new DeadEye 2003 voice should be appearing on sometime soon, (I hope). If not, you can find it at FilePlanet, here:

That's my regular voice. I have already recorded a new voice for the male Nightmare models (currently with Mr. Crow). He's a cackling madman, kind of like the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt. If anyone is interested in including this voice with their models, please post here or email me at [email][/email]. I don't mind having it associated with several different models, but keep in mind I do plan to release it as its own mod, too. =)

Plus, if you like DeadEye 2003 and wish to include him in your model or skin pack, please email me. I'm sure I won't have a problem with it as long as I'm credited correctly. =)



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31st October 2002

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#2 17 years ago

i would like to see an skaarj voicepack, with the voices of the skaarj hybrid in ut1 and maybe a xan announcer :D