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10th December 2001

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#1 16 years ago

You can grab it here

The two biggest features of the patch are the MAC support that's been added and the issue where players were getting kicked between map changes has been resolved. It appears we had a memory leak that went unnoticed originally in testing. It might also help clear up some lagginess experienced during play.

Also for people who had problems with the installation we've posted both a full v0.984 and patch v0.984 file in .ZIP format for easier installation.

DeGeneration v0.984 Changelog ----------------------------- * Added - MAC Support files * Fixed - scoreboard clientnames repeating when player count greater than 30 * Fixed - spectator mode message "following" overlapped with player name * Fixed - Referee voting not available * Fixed - Ready up instructions being displayed in intermission when g_doIntermission is not set * Fixed - g_partValueScale cvars not duplicated on clients * Fixed - life stats not recording ammo given for LT * Fixed - Killed player records death when tk'd * Fixed - Client ready status cleared on respawn during warmup * Fixed - Intermission stopwatchmode "stopwatch now set to X:XX" offsets scores * Fixed - Warmup respawn is not instant * Fixed - client memory usage continuously increase on map change * updated - clients changing teams now retain their score * Updated - scoreboard now shows all players in server (max 64) * Updated - scoreboard Timelimit display --shows timelimit scenerio as "(scenerio name) timelimit: (XX:XX)/(OVERTIME!)" --static total timelimit while in warmup "No timelimit" if there is no timelimit set * Updated - hud shows timelimit scenerio below time display * Updated - hud shows "OVERTIME" instead of "0:00" if timelimit has run out * Updated - Warmup display now shows "Gametype: (gametype) (scenerio name) timelimit: XX" * Updated - team score total is now kept seperate from dynamic team score total * Updated - Referee vote now passes automatically * Updated - Disabled complaint popups during warmup * Updated - Ingame server browser now shows only DeGeneration servers

Once you upgrade to this new patch you will only be able to play on servers that are patched. Please give us feedback good or bad.

We have planned more for DeGeneration to come, but this patch was mainly designed to squash some of the more serious bugs found after the initial release. Stay tuned! :)


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18th July 2005

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#2 16 years ago

Is this RTCW or ET mod ???


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29th February 2004

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#3 16 years ago

The Degeneration mod is for RTCW only.