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#1 12 years ago

Hello all FPS gamers ,

i bought recently Return To Castle Wolfenstein in a GameBundle

however i hear ET is a freeware game , can ET be a mod for my game? or the ET game got to be in a diffrent File own space new game diffrent doesnt have to do nothing with rtcw even if i own one? i really want to know if theyr will be any upcomming RtCW . my rtcw has nice mods like osp , but can osp run as well in ET and new upcomming rtcw .. sadly my rtcw is french because it came through a french bundle .. d3 q4 ..cod , i hope we can change the language to english any ways? in d3 you go to a config and edit the langauge " to english " i really wish theyrs a way in rtcw been looking for it , i alsooooo hope some1 has time for a reply to me :(. thanks alot gamers , wish you for a splended interaction whenver ( you take off to the moon ) that is when your head is out of the worlds boundaries and fantasising through the GamingsParadise. ...


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#2 12 years ago

W:ET is a full free standalone multiplayer game. The game was originally going to be a retail expansion pack for Return To Castle Wolfenstein but the project was cancelled and Activision decided to release the multiplayer part for free.

You can change the language ingame, because you run the game in french now ill guide you in frence and english

Start the game and go to:

*Multijoueur > Configugration Multijoueur > Langue > Anglais *Multiplayer > Multiplayer Setup > Language > English

And restart the game or do /ui_restart Secondly if you know how to work with configs change: cl_language to 0 for english. in the wolfconfig.cfg and wolfconfig_mp.cfg files.

It can be that the language has changed because of a modification, usually this is done with a pk3 file. By removing it you will have the default english language back. This file can be found in the 'main' folder. Although if it exist I do not know the name for it, usually with those files they have something in there name that reflects the language like zpak_french000.pk3 or xxx_fr_pak.pk3.

Each game has there own mods, the OSP mod for RTCW cannot be used for W:ET. OSP is a mod usually used for competitive play like for wars/ladders, for W:ET the mod ETPRO is used for that. which is imo much more advanced mod then OSP is.


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#3 12 years ago

RTCW is not needed for ET - it's a standalone game. :)

EDIT: Ah, ya beat me to it, NL. :p