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26th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I have used map editors like NWN aroura engine and ravens editor for jedi outcast... and i just can get my head around how to add a texture to a wall ..... JUST A SINGULAR WALL. I know I have to open up a texture package and so on and so forth... i know how to filter out all the textures to get the one i want and i know how to select all surfaces... BUT I JUST WANT TO SELECT THEM INDIVIDUALLY :mad: Maga zine and website just tell me to right click a surface in the 3D view but i can only maipulate the camera not the objects... right clicking for me does nothing... i thought it maybe because i have an optical mouse and it was using the usb port and this was somehow not fully recognised by the editor... but no :( and worse no one has reported or know of anyone who has the same problem is there anyone with the knowledge outthere to help me? please i beg u mapping wizards (I HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL WITH THIS SOFTWARE THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE) :confused: