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#1 17 years ago

What is everyones problem with taking 5min out of a 30min server to make a tower, they are fun to make and marvel at. Every time we get a group of people to make one, we meet and some idiot panzers the lot of us :smack:. I just want some feedback on why there are some out there that cant stand to make towers.

-and for those of you who dont know what we mean by tower- Its when you get a group of people to stand on each others heads and you make a pillar of people. Its fun to do, awesome to look at. Higest I've seen is 13 person, we had a 4 last night until we got airstricken :fistpunch:



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#2 17 years ago

I agree, they are fun and a great clan training mission. Just not advisable to do it on a public server when everyone doesn't know about it...