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28th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hi all, Yet another problem :). I've got this new mouse, it's real great. It's a logitech click. Now here's my problem: I don't have a mousemat yet, I'm going to buy one. But the feet of my mice ( where you put the skatez ) are getting damaged. Now my question is, is thisa problem? Will it be very fucked up ? Thanks all :)! Venerea.


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#2 16 years ago

It shouldn't be a problem, those skates adhere pretty well. Only problem I had is that after about a week the skates began 'sticking' to my steelpad s&s and producing a grinding effect when I moved the mouse. I had to remove them. Now if you had a steady supply I suppose you could just keep replacing them...... BTW how did u screw up a new mouse that fast, are using it on concrete?

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13th June 2003

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#3 16 years ago

Are you sure they are damaged and just covered in crud? I have only once seen mouse feet damaged and that was on a 5 year old mouse! Usually it's nothing that a bit of spit or rubbing aclohol can't fix....



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16th March 2004

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#4 16 years ago

u should read raziels aiming guide that guys has thought a little much bout his mouse and aiming u should read it kinda interesting!!