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#1 19 years ago

greetings readers,

Can anyone here explain what this file for is in the RTCW MP demo 2?

Unzip the pak0.pk3, and go to the models/players directory. In the maps multi and multi_axis are usual known MP skins for LT, eng, med etc. But there is a second map there named officerss. Now, since every online player has this file, this skin (wich is very much cooler than the standard axis ones) can be seen by every other player, but how can you activate it?

Thanks in advance!


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27th April 2002

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#2 19 years ago

I think it has to be the last skin you install, and you have to be on an unpure server.


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20th June 2002

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#3 19 years ago Beware it comes with allies skins, this map is allso included in a mappack. CANT BELEAVE NO ONE NOTICED!! Another problem is allies flag (problem not with mp_trench)it reads |----------------------| | wwwsinclancom | | SIN | | Strenght In Numbers | |----------------------| :confused: