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#1 16 years ago

Hello Mr. EvilEngine. I've really enjoyed what you've made so far. Keep it up! :thumbsup: Anyway, I've put together a list of suggestions to possibly improve what you've got so far (most are related to the AvP pack, go figure :P)

Make the tails for the aliens and skaarj and dreadlocks for preds and skaarj fluid instead of rigid On that note, the Empress's tail is in a really wierd shape Give different kinds of aliens and predators different soundsets (ie runner, queen and drone would have different sounds) The masked version of the normal pred's plasmacaster is using the wrong texture Use the slight size increase for the preds that you've got in the beta folder on your web site Edit the voice packs for the aliens/predators so they can give team commands, etc Use the Giger Alien skin from It's much better than the 'original' alien you currently have in the pack, and doesn't look like its got a big gap in its teeth. Make custom skeletons for the alien & predator Use different gib sounds for the alien gibs The 'completely' invisible pred is kinda cheap, the other ones looks cool, so you can keep them in (maybe make them a little more visible) Add masked versions of the heavy pred and light pred Add an optional download of the cyborg model compliment to the T-800 model. It may not be Arnold, but it still looks cool The cell shaded version of EVA-01 has the 'wings' at an odd angle (see attachments)

PS Where did you get the skin for Predator V 3?