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23rd March 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Ok you guys, heres my story. Ive been playing ut2003 for about 3 months, and with the experience I have with the ut editor 2 I thought I would try my luck with the new editor 3. This is my first...well besides some crap i just played around with, map. Its a Bombing run map. although I have alot of trouble placing my statics and decoration, making it pretty, I think that the game play is really enjoyable, the bots seem to get the hang of it, and its so fast paced that besides a score limit I use a time limit of about 15 minutes. The death after a score is really neat and besides a few ambient sounds and some music, its about ready. Maybe a few tweeks and some eye candy, but itll all come in time. I will be adding a few screenies soon so keep looking back and support me with any feedback, positive or not!:cya: