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I have taken the liberty to set up a channel on enterthegame for all rtcw clan schedulers or clan members to idle in if they are looking or available for an unscheduled scrim. #rtcwscrims is the channel name and if a clan is looking for a scrim that isnt regularly scheduled by the clan then they can join that channel and hopefully there will be other clans in there as well looking for scrims. The channel could also be used as a central area for booking scrims with other clans as well. So if we could get as many clan schedulers to idle in there as possible and as many members interested in a non scheduled scrim to idle there it would work out great. This just saves us the hassle of browsing every channel if you got a couple a guys/gals on that wanna scrim. If you need anymore infomation contact me on enter the game in the channel or email me at [email]iamjcanadian@hotmail.com[/email]

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#2 17 years ago

Hey JayC. This is an awesome idea and I thank you for everyone wanting to find a scrimmage!!!!