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#1 16 years ago

I just downloaded shit hot skin pak;axis beta pak by{dark xeno] i think is the name,available from RTCW,anyway this is not a complaint about the skin pak,its really good,but the thing is im so Fn frustrated i cant get a server to enable them,i would create 1 myself but i only got a 56k land line,and the server has to be unpure,im not sure if the server is unpure mabe cheats can be enabled therefore people are mabe against doing this,if this is the case then that is understandable,hopefully someone can enlighten me on this subject as im reasonably new to pc [online] gaming...........Thx loads...........45 Kommando..formerly...Ten Kommando.I was promoted my self,looooooool. :smokin: :dance: :cya: :confused:


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#2 16 years ago

You can play on pure servers with your skins, only if server has them and the server BlueCherry whick plays beach only is a unpure server.

Tried all my skins their, but after i reboted my PC didnt get them again, because no one else can see them but they are nice skins out there.


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#3 16 years ago

Tnx 4 reply man,I was sure it was only unpure servers that ran the skin paks,but in reply to your paks becoming invisible,i recon they must have changed the options within the server,the easy way to check is by going to your wolfinstein/main directory and look for skin pak that u downloaded,it will be called MP[whatever}pak,the original paks are numbered like mp pak 0 etc..... hope that helps,it would be good if there was some means of traking servers that allow skin paks,and give out free weed, heh,anyway thx 4 reply man byyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee :smokin: :lol: :smokin: