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#1 16 years ago

I Just wanteted to vent my anger at Telstra Gamearena stupid game sever admin. They jump to a new version on the server then you have to try and download the update to play. Problem is you cannot download the update. They have only allocated 30 download sessions and all are full. So now I am locked out cauz I don't have the latest update. Gamearena sucks big time, they even foof with your game (reset your position) this is worse than cheats when the server admin starts playing about. I say Ban them, they are bad news. Spread the word Game Arena is a admin cheat's delight. I will not play there any more. Roo dingbat


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20th May 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Hi Dingbat,

Another aussie here at last. Have never played on Telstra Gamearena, is that limited to telstra customers only? I have played quite a bit on iinet's server however they err in the opposite direction, they never do anything! Like their RTCW server is still using the 1.31 patch and there is never anybody on it now cause we have all updated to the 1.32 and now the 1.33 patch is out. (I tell a lie unfortunately, I just checked and they updated their sever yesterday - but only to the 1.32 patch - lol!)

Their admins never reply to emails. Is dingbat your player name? maybe see you around someday on a server.

Cya steve