THE most B1TCHING idea for a BR map EVER! -1 reply

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2nd April 2003

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#1 18 years ago

Anyone here ever played FF-X? Well for those who avnt there is something called "Blitzball" where people swim around in a GIANT sphere of water that levitates above a stadium with two goals in it at each side... you got my idea yet? :D hehe. How COOL would it be to swim around in a large sphere of water to play BR? you could even put platforms (Pos invis) underneath the goals so that a person can sit there and act as a goalie :D I forgot if it is pos to swim in 2K3 so if it is pos you cud try include a zero G section or something to get round that :P

Problems: 1: I am only just begining to learn how to map so I need a professional mapper to do it for me! I was wondering if anyone was upto the challenge because i think a huge rippling ball of water levitating above a stadium would be amazing!

2: Totally unrelated :P The second stargate level was AWSOME but I prefered the water effects used on the stargate in the first version of the map. It was more realistic and pretty sweet :D does anyone know how to change the new effects back to good old fashioned water? If not then whoever made the map can you PLZ do it? and authorize me/whoever to do it for personal use? hehe :P