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10th July 2002

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#1 18 years ago

Since ET is due to come out soon,and the days of good ol' classic wolf are numbered,a idea bumped in my head. What do you guys consider the top 10 fan maps(Since any mapper is a fan of the game,or he/she wouldn't be mapping,now would they? :) ) of all time? Wich were the most groundbreaking,the most played,the most fun,etc? Let's see if we can make a top ten list,folks :).

What follows is a rough list i came up after about six+ hours of gameplay on a server swapping maps. Feel free to vote some off,vote some on,disagree,etc.

#1 Market Garden by Splash Damage Ltd In my option the most popular custom map of all time, MG didn't get many good reviews at first,untill some one put it on a nice big 63 player server :). Now days,it's one of the more popular multiplayer maps and a lot of 40-50+ servers are allways full,and the complaints of size are gone,as well as how easy it is to get to objectives.


#2 mp_schwalbe project me424 (Not sure on plane number or spelling) By: Hotshot (I think(

In my option,one of the best made maps in a while. This map really isn't played as lot(Pretty medicore). But it is a very fun map,and servers who run it fill up quickly.

#3 Mp_axis complex By: ???? A small map that was ingored for a very long time but has come out of nowhere to be a very popular map...

#4 Mp_airstrip By:???? Airstrip is and was a very awesome doesn't get played much anymore,however!

#5 Mp_wizerines By: ????

-WAS- a very popular map for a while,with 2 identical bases with a no-mans land of dragonsteeth in between.

#6 midnight vista by: ???? Same was above: this map captured the fun of running with the documents as of mp_beach..with lots of falls:)

#7 mp_theriver by: ??? Umm..very popular with some folks,but i don't like it much....

#8 Aerial bombement by: ??? LONG before tram,this map had a flying helicopter you could fly around in and shoot form above the map....and was one of those quick burst and fade out maps.

#9 carange canyon by: Marko(?) One of the first ever custom maps, still in many's memories,perhaps?

#10 fun_beach 2 by: Marko Getting very popular :)


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12th October 2002

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#2 18 years ago

the special edition maps by rummie I would include in mine. Fun beach 2 is kinda cool just played that yesterday. I would include ufo, tundra & den of lions in mine.


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30th November 2002

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#3 18 years ago

CHateau Normal Beach Breakout Castle Base and thats all i can think of....