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17th June 2002

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#1 16 years ago

aiight here is the Deal

Post your info here if your Interested

Offer is simple -- I will give a Free TeamSpeak channel for 1 Month to 5 people that i will Draw Randomly

Now u ask what u have to do in return

Thats simple -- You download Wildwest 1.5 Mod - Connect to {WWW} Central USA Server and have some fun - and in exchange for you trying the Mod i will let you have your own personal TS channel for 1 Month

Also If you enjoy the Game play of 1.5 - Stick around soon we are going to Release 1.6 with New More interactive Maps and nice new Features

this game is a very well put togather fella's so take me up on the Offer i run a 100 Slot TS server - and i will create you Your own Custom room and grant u Op Status to it so u can control Your room :)

so post your info here and ill contact you - we will hop into the WildWest server and Have some fun - and ill setup your Room for ya

thats it -- thats all i ask in return is you Try the WW Mod - and for all USA players i recommend we use the {WWW} Central USA Server - being its in Central United States both coasts will Ping very well

Its a Win Win Situation - u get a nice TS Channel and you get to try out a Killer MOD

downloadable here www.the-wildwest.co.uk

and here is the TS Server info

Ajservers.com Public TS (and you can Password Protect your Channel on the server as well - u will have Full Op powers to your channel)

IP: Port: 8790

Here is the {WWW} Server info {WWW} Central USA Server on a Gig-E multihoned Connection located Dallas TX Central USA

Maps on rotation include all WW Maps

check the website for Info on the server www.wildwest.jnmel.com

Hope to see some Posts People JW


Wild west mod of RTCW

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23rd April 2003

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#2 16 years ago

I would just like to say to the die hard rtcw ,players and ET Players give wild west ago its a totally diferent concept , but still has a fast pass.. and you can still play shrub and ET :band: GO4IT WW ROX :beer: