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#1 16 years ago

{DOG} is lookin for some good everyday hardcore gamers who are willing to work as a team, attend weekly if not daily practices, give advice to fellow clan mates, and have a good enjoyable experiance playing rtcw. Currently we have 3 players who are ranked in the top 100 best players at they are me, Reaperman{DOG}, BlackGOLD{DOG}, and Luke_Duke{DOG}, we have around 11 members currently, and we are lookin for you!!! so if your interested please contact me at [email][/email], or our site in the Want to Join us section in the forums at Hope To See you there Thankyou Reaperman{DOG}


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#2 16 years ago

hey whats up DOG ill swing by ur server and see if u guys r good. I play almost everyday and im a tpf (team play first) so i got ur rules covered. My specialties are being the lovable assassin and the shoot em up venom soldier. I can easily pass the enemy line and kill atleast 3 enemies before I die. I can snipe easily with noraml wpns and can use grenades greatly. All i need to know is ur server name/address or if u dont have a server then a server u play on alot. And also what DOG stands for and how many members there are. ill practice as a stand alone for awhile then u and i can see if im gunna join the clan. i need to see how good u r :cool: cya


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#3 16 years ago

is bein ranked in the top 100 best players of rtcw on good enough for ya? better yet havin 3 DOG members in the top 500? if not please stop by wither way, and give us a holla, we have tryouts on sundays 1pm est time stop by our site or our irc channel #clan_dog on enterthegame server, we currently dont have a permanent server but we will soon, but usually we play on either ssi or bluecherry whee. btw DOG stands for Dukes Of Gaming. so stay in touch and we will see you sunday, if sunday is no good for you, please contact me at [email][/email] and we will set up a diff time. Also in addition we have a map in construction release will not be released for a while but its gonna be kick ass. thanx Reaperman{DOG}