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10th May 2003

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#1 17 years ago

well i know unreal tournament2003 can run better with my systemeven though witha low video card. can someone tell me settings to improve the graphics and make the game better but not to slow heres my settings atholon 2100(i think it's like a pentium 4) 256mbram 32mbit video card integrated(more like 16 i plan on getting the new geforce card) a integrated sound card 60gb hardrive ultra ata 100

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28th June 2003

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#2 17 years ago

If it's an onboard card I'd be curious to know if it uses shared memory with the system. If that's the case you can always bump up the amount of memory it uses in the BIOS, but you stand to lose some system performance in the process.

Onboard video cards tend to suck for two major reasons:

1. Shared Memory allocates system memory, this can eat up memory that you don't want to use on textures and buffer data, in short you end up with little gains because you may start using more Virtual Memory to make up for the RAM your computer is setting aside.

2. Onboard video cards tend to suck. End of story, they're low-grade cards that are spliced into your motherboard. My experience has always taught me that onboards vs a seperate PCI/AGP video card is no contest. However, this is changing.

Your video card is a lost cause, don't use that onboard one, just stick it out and get a GeForce4 Ti4200se, or a GeForce5, or Radeons are also pretty popular, 9500+ should do it. Also, make sure it's AGP and not PCI. AGP stands for (Accelerated Graphics Port), and is designed to maxamize data transfer on a seperate bus.

Your RAM is also like the bare minimum to play UT2K3. Find out what kind of RAM you have, check to see if it runs at 233Mhz (PC2100) or 333Mhz(PC2700). You'll also need to check the specs on your motherboard to ensure compatability, but you should get more RAM, if you're system came with PC2100, don't try shoving PC2700 into it, you could damage the RAM or your system even or it just won't work.

Note: This is where having built your own PC comes in handy because knowing what's already in it and how it's set up is extremely helpful if you decide to ugprade or change anything later.

If it's a prefab PC, however, call the manufacturer or check any documentation you have, it's in their somewhere.

Anyway, if you can run PC2700 RAM, go for it, buy a nice 512MB stick of it, or higher if you can afford it.

As far as boosting what you've got. I wouldn't worry about it, on a system that's that shallow in the PC pool, you won't be finding any burried treasure.

Just upgrade, it'll make your life so much easier. :D