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#1 18 years ago

hello rtcw fraggers....i just took the time to post a recruitment ad. WOLFPACK CLAN(>WP<) is currently recruiting (why? well its a long story but i'll summarize it....our old website dropped about a month ago..we had about 20 rtcw members and we were 3 in both CAL and TWL leagues....all our members lost touch with one another and a few weeks later most of our members joined other clans),we are a fun clan...we always have something to talk about on our forums (we dont like playing rtcw as if we were electronic robots:rock: :dance: ...in other words we are a fuckin damn fun clan that loves the game and enjoys fraging)...anyone intersted in joining >WP< please visit http://wolfpack.descrypt.com and post a message in the recruitment forum(please leave info such as: rtcw name: age: rtcw availability: connection:(not really neccessary,just said that cuz the rest of the high boring clans ask for it :p ) e-mail or ICQ# or u could e-mail me at [email]aca3806@rogers.com[/email] (im the recruitment manager)... thanksfor taking the time to read my message and i hope this way i'll find additions for the clan cheers:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: