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#1 16 years ago

[color=DarkRed]The Krimson Knights clan is currently recruiting. We are a competitive RTCW clan, but we do have alot of fun between matches. We're currently a bani clan and it will always be our home, but for competition reason we're moving to shrub and we'd love to take one of you with us. We have one bani server that runs beach, and one shrub server that runs limited lives base. We are the best clan in bani hands down and we do usually recruit based on skill but if you are a loyal and respectful person you will be considered. We are a democratic clan choosing to have no leader and therefore important issues are voted upon. Drop me a line at [email]derekstone311@hotmail.com[/email], or hydroponix_nix_hex on yahoo, or simply post on our boards at www.krimsonknights.tk[/color]


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Nice Site :thumbsup: