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#1 17 years ago

The LAME ASS GAMERS ]LAG[ are looking for a couple of players to compliment our squad. We are a "NO-SHIT" squad dedicated to Wolf, and compete the two leagues. We had a successful season in CAL-OPEN, and are pushing hard to increase our standings next season. We are not looking for any casual wolf players. We put in at least 6 hours of practice per week, in addition to our personal pub time. We have skilled players and our average age is approx 26-28. If you are tired of unorganized clans, come check us out. We are strict, yet not a dictatorship. We have high standards for our recruits. And only serious wolf players should apply. Don't join a clan that takes anyone! Come to our server....or stop by our site www.clanlag.com

APPLY NOW! http://www.clanlag.com/recruit%20App.htm /> ]LAG[ MARINE ICQ# 149695684 [email]sgtmcclendon@hotmail.com[/email]