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#1 10 years ago

[COLOR=darkslateblue]We are the Good Guys clan and we are looking for Good Guys and Gals! [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]We play Enemy Territory. Always have, always will. [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Always recruiting players of ALL skill levels. We play for fun. [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Play when YOU want to and there are never any "dues". [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]We are VERY noob-friendly and tolerant. (and helpful too)[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]VSP Stats in our forum tracks all players and ranks them and shows awards. [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]XP Save: 72 HOUR [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Friendly Fire: ON [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Punkbuster: ENABLED [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Registered with Splatterladder, Pbbans streaming[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Occasional fun scrims amongst ourselves and with other friendly clans.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Our admins are fair and balanced, not power-hungry.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]We are the only clan in the world with a kitty as an official member.:) [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]The Good Guys Server:[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Lots of custom fun maps.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]Join us at ggclan.forumarena.com [/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue]And bring your sense of humor... you'll need it, pardner.[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkslateblue](some adult humor from time to time)[/COLOR]